Li-Lac Chocolates Spotlight: Chocolate Spectacular Platter


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Chocolate Spectacular

Chocolate Spectacular

This spectacular chocolate tasting menu includes French-Style Cream Rolls, Hazelnut Truffle Squares, Marzipan Acorns, Caramel Truffles, French Mint Bars, and Nonpareils.

Chocolate Spectacular Platters are perfect for parties, so that guests can choose their favorite tastes. With the holidays coming up, and with them engagement parties and family get-togethers, choose your Li-Lac Chocolates platters for a crowd-pleasing offering.


Introducing The New Li-Lac Chocolates Gift Box


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li lac cake box

We’ve given our Li-Lac Chocolates boxes a makeover! They’re brighter, more vivid, more modern…but we remain stubbornly old-fashioned with our authentic, hand-made methods of making the tasty and delectable chocolates within our pretty new gift boxes!

Check out our Li-Lac Chocolate gift box choices:

French Assortment:

Our most popular collection: An appealing mix of European-style dark and milk chocolates that are filled with French Cream, Caramel, Mocha, Mousse, Marzipan, Rum, Hazelnut Truffle, Chocolate Fudge, and other delicious centers.

3 lb: $125

1.5 lb: $65

1 lb.: $45

1/2 lb.: $23

Continental Assortment:

If you like exotic Nuts, you’ll LOVE our Continental Assortment!

We combine the most exquisite nuts from around the world with our finest dark chocolate to create this extraordinary gift assortment. Continental refers to our selection of exotic chocolate-covered Pecans, Walnuts, Pistachios, Filberts, Almonds, Cashews, and Macadamia nuts. Unique in the way they are made, using antique molds, nuts are visible through the chocolate, leaving no surprises.

1 lb: $40

1/2 lb.: $21

14 oz: $36

French Mints

A refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth treat, with a fresh mint filling sandwiched between two delicate layers of dark chocolate. The perfect after-dinner bite!

8 oz: $17

Li-Lac Chocolates Wedding Dessert Platters & How to Create Your Wedding Chocolate Buffet


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Our Marzipan & Hazlenut Truffle Platter

Our Marzipan & Hazlenut Truffle Platter

Li-Lac Chocolates has been a favorite at weddings and celebrations since 1923. In this special section, we give you tips and ideas to help perfect your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and other special celebrations. Our distinguished chocolate favors, gifts, and table-top platters can bring a classic touch to your extraordinary celebration and enrich your special love story.


Select from exceptional chocolate favors for your cherished guests, bridal party, groomsmen, parents and vendors. We have an extensive selection of iconic chocolate molds including hearts, bride & groom statues, and champagne centerpieces. Whether you choose a traditional chocolate favor, or a unique icon that evokes a special memory – we offer the finest quality chocolate in a range of packaging options to match your wedding colors or theme.

Chocolate Spectacular

Chocolate Spectacular

The newest trend at engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and after-parties is the Chocolate Tasting Party. Li-Lac has ready-to-serve Chocolate Platters, or for a more elaborate Dessert Bar, select one of our extraordinary Chocolate Tasting Menus and create your own Dessert Station. Your guests will be thrilled!

And visit our site to learn how to set up your own Chocolate Tasting displays and Dessert Buffets, with top tips from our wedding spokesperson Sharon Naylor.

Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Exotic Temptations

Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Old School Favorites

Old School Favorites

lilac truffle platter

Exotic Temptations

Exotic Temptations

Li-Lac Chocolates Wedding Favors: Butterflies


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Sweeten up your celebration with a fun and flirty solid chocolate Butterfly. For spring and summer bridal showers, weddings, engagement parties and other special events, butterflies are a top party theme, and these adorable foil-wrapped chocolate butterflies delight the eye first, and then deliver our signature Li-Lac Chocolate heavenly flavor.

Chocolate butterfly favors have also been attached to charitable favor announcement cards, for when you’ve chosen to donate to your favorite cause or charity, and still want your guests to bring home a little something sweet and unforgettable. Our Butterfly chocolates couldn’t be more perfect.

You get to play artist with your chocolate butterfly choices, picking out a colorful foiled wrapping color to create a pretty display. Go for all pink, purple, yellow or other favorite color or theme color for your celebration, or pair your colors — such as pink and red, or a trio of blue, green and purple. Since blue is a big wedding color for Spring Weddings 2013, we expect many of our bridal customers and party hosts to pair up blue and powder blue, and perhaps add in a few yellow for a pop of hue.

Foil colors include:

* Red

* Pink

* Blue

* Green


* Yellow

* Powder Blue

Next, pick your favor flavor…or flavors. We offer Li-Lac’s delectable milk, dark and white chocolate for your favor or dessert bar choices, and again you can mix up the flavors in your favor choices. But be sure to display all of your dark chocolate favors on one platter with an ID sign, and all of your white chocolate favors on another, so that guests will be able to choose their own favorites!

Stock up on your sweet butterfly favors now at Li-Lac Chocolates.

Li-Lac Chocolates Goes Fishing! Check Out Our Beach- and Ocean-Themed Chocolates


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Li-Lac Chocolates Dolphin

Li-Lac Chocolates Shell

Li-Lac Chocolates Bass

Li-Lac Chocolates Snapper

Our delectable, handmade chocolates will go over swimmingly at your wedding’s dessert hour — as a centerpiece for your chocolate buffet or as the topper of your wedding cake or groom’s cake.

They’re ideal for beach- or island-themed weddings, summertime soirees, engagement parties, and after-parties, and we’re finding that our mermaid, shell and bass are our top-sellers.

Visit our Fish and Aquatic Life Collection at the Li-Lac Chocolates website to see our additional designs, and let us know how you plan to feature our ocean-themed chocolates at your celebration!

Wedding Chocolates: 10 Things to Do With Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers


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Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers

Our chocolate letters and numbers give you a tremendous amount of dessert creativity options, and we have some ideas for how to use our milk, dark and white chocolate choices:

  1. Personalize a party cake, or a wedding or groom’s cake, with a chocolate letter monogram on top.
  2. Personalize cupcakes with the guest of honor’s initial in chocolate atop each one.
  3. Use X’s and O’s to symbolize hugs and kisses in a romantic dessert plate offering to your sweetheart, or as your wedding or engagement party dessert platter.
  4. Since X’s and O’s are also symbols used for football play strategies, bring Li-Lac Chocolates X’s and O’s into your Superbowl or playoff party dessert offerings, as well as to tailgate parties for a sweet treat after your barbecue meal.
  5. For your anniversary celebration, or at an anniversary party, top a cake or cheesecake with the number of years displayed with Li-Lac chocolate numbers.
  6. Use numbers to display the wedding date, the milestone birthday year, or the founding year for your corporate party on top of a dessert or on a platter as its own décor.
  7. For kids’ parties with an alphabet theme, offer a wide range of Li-Lac letters in the dessert bar.
  8. At a New Year’s party, display the new year in chocolate numbers on top of your cake or other dessert.
  9. Also at a New Year’s party, create take-home favor baggies filled with the chocolate numbers of the new year.
  10. Celebrate a big win, such as your child’s championship game victory, with #1 chocolates handed out at the post-game celebration.

Wedding Chocolates: 10 Things to Do With Li-Lac Chocolates Truffles


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Our award-winning truffles are made with fresh butter and cream, providing a rich, smooth taste inside of a crisp ganache coating, making this one of our most popular and indulgent dessert choices. Our truffle variety includes:

  • French cream with a creamy dark chocolate center and a chocolate shell.
  • Hazelnut with a milk chocolate paste center dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.
  • Mocha with a coffee-flavored creamy dark chocolate center.
  • Caramel Cream with a caramel-flavored dark chocolate center.
  • Liquor-flavored with amaretto, champagne, crème de cacao, grand Marnier and rum.

Here are ten ways to present our Li-Lac truffles in your dessert offerings or as gifts:

  1. Top homemade cupcakes with our truffles for a more elegant and indulgent DIY dessert.
  2. Line the bottom of each cake layer with a ring of our truffles, using all one type of flavor, or alternating two or three for visual and taste appeal. We’ve seen a gorgeous Martha Stewart-presented wedding cake with layers separated by tiers of truffles.
  3. Present a trio of truffles in a cupcake wrapper.
  4. Present a trio of truffles in a chocolate dessert cup, on top of a bed of chocolate mousse or ice cream.
  5. Wrap each truffle in candy foils to coordinate with the colors of your party.
  6. Skewer two truffles at the very top of a spear and place into a chocolate martini.
  7. Celebrate your anniversary with truffles made of the same flavor as your wedding cake, or choose our champagne-flavored truffles for a chocolate ‘toast’ to your happiness.
  8. Cut each truffle in half and serve as a dessert place garnish collection.
  9. Push a lollipop stick into each truffle to make your own adult truffle ‘pops.’
  10. Give your truffles a personalized name, just like you would with a signature cocktail, at your party or wedding reception.

Wedding Chocolates: 10 Things to Do with Li-Lac Chocolates Chocolate-Covered Cherries


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Li-Lac Chocolate Covered Cherries

Li-Lac Chocolates chocolate-covered-cherries are delectable in their own right, and we’ve come up with some fabulous ways to incorporate them into your party platters and wedding celebration stations:

  1. Top each of your homemade cupcakes with a Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherry, especially if your cupcakes have a cherry-flavored cake or frosting.
  2. Top a store-bought cake or cheesecake with a cluster of chocolate-covered cherries in the center, or place chocolate-covered cherries two inches apart around the outer edge of your circular cake or cheesecake so that each cut slice offers a treat.
  3. If you’ll arrange an ice cream sundae or gelato bar at your reception or party, offer a platter of Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherries in the toppers section for a unique, upscale addition to a guest’s creation.
  4. Top servings of chocolate mousse with a single Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherry.
  5. Garnish each plate of sliced cake with a puff of fresh whipped cream and a chocolate-covered cherry on the side.
  6. Garnish each plate of cherry pie slices with a chocolate-covered cherry.
  7. Add a dozen chocolate-covered cherries to your party’s dessert cookie platters for a pop of chocolate color and a unique flair.
  8. For a wedding welcome to out-of-town guests, have a plate of six chocolate-covered cherries awaiting them in their hotel rooms.
  9. No party needed. Pick up a half dozen chocolate-covered cherries, and create a romantic, surprise snack for when your sweetheart returns home at the end of the day.
  10. For Valentine’s Day or for your anniversary, arrange Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherries into a heart shape on an oversized plate, and pipe a romantic message in chocolate or berry sauce in the middle.

Wedding Chocolates:10 Things to Do With Li-Lac Chocolates Non-Pareils


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Non-pareils are little dots of chocolates, hand-made here at Li-Lac Chocolates, and hand-pressed into colorful sprinkles. Ours are bigger than the boxed versions of non-pareils you may be used to, and each one is freshly-made from the finest ingredients…not machine-made like boxed versions.

Our small dollops of chocolate non-pareils come in milk or dark chocolate, with a festive look for a colorful party dessert plate addition. Here are some creative ways to offer non-pareils to your guests:

  1. Sprinkle a handful of non-pareils into a martini glass as a sweet and colorful foundation for the truffles or chocolates you place on top.
  2. Create a non-pareil trifle, alternating non-pareils with layers of vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch or other flavors of pudding or mousse, and top with whipped cream sprinkled with more non-pareils.
  3. Sprinkle non-pareils on a large dessert platter, on which you place your dessert cupcakes, fudge squares, or a collection of our Li-Lac chocolates in your own creative platter presentation.
  4. Fill a chocolate dessert cup with chocolate mousse, ice cream or whipped cream, and top with a sprinkling of our non-pareils.
  5. Welcome wedding guests to their hotel room with a bowl filled with non-pareils, or with individual baggies of non-pareils.
  6. Add non-pareils to your toppers section at your ice cream sundae bar.
  7. Make them into a bridal shower game! Fill a glass bowl or lidded apothecary jar with non-pareils, and have shower guests guess how many non-pareils are in the container. The winner gets to take them home!
  8. For a girls’ or woman’s party, fill one of our Li-Lac chocolate high heeled shoes with non-pareils as a dessert feature on each table, on your dessert bar, or on top of your party sheet cake.
  9. Top your homemade or store-bought cake or cheesecake with a sprinkling of non-pareils.
  10. Talk to our team about personalizing the colors of your non-pareil sprinkles to match the theme of your party, or your seasonal or holiday event.


Li-Lac Chocolates Fashion Collection — Handbags and High Heels Perfect for Bridal Shower Favors!


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New York City’s an iconic fashion mecca, so of course city-fave chocolatier Li-Lac Chocolates would offer a line of fashionista chocolates! Their chocolate handbags are stylish and sensational not to mention fashion-forward…and their chocolate high heels are available in plain or decorated with intricate swirls of chocolate in an animal-print design.

No other chocolate shop does fashionista chocolates like Li-Lac, so look at these beauties for your bridal shower favors, wedding guest welcome bags, bachelorette party favors or dessert bar treats, and a new trend is presenting your best  friends and sisters with a little something sweet (say, some Li-Lac chocolate handbags!) when you’re asking them to be your bridesmaids.

Gifts for your wedding vendors after the big day? Li-Lac has a shape for that!

Check out the fashion collection at Li-Lac Chocolates, and get ready to add a fashionable flair to your bridal shower, gifts, or guest welcome bags!