The PANTONE Top Wedding Color is Emerald & Li-Lac Chocolates Has Treats That Match!


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Marzipan & Hazelnut Truffle Platter - Large

— Li-Lac Marzipan Platter

Li Lac French Mints Platter

Li Lac French Mints Platter

li lac chocolatier8

— Li-Lac Marzipan Acorns


PANTONE recently announced the top wedding colors of 2013, and the Color of the Year is Emerald! We’re right on top of that trend with our color-matching bright green treats, such as our Marzipan platters and acorns, and you can have our chocolates foil-wrapped in pretty green colors as well!

li lac choclolate butterflies

So for your wedding, bridal shower, guest welcome baskets, engagement party, morning-after brunch and rehearsal dinner, add Li-Lac chocolates to your shopping list and bring extra life to your green-themed wedding design!

Visit us at to green up your chocolate favors, party platters and all of your dessert picks!



Li-Lac Chocolates Spotlight: Hazelnut Truffle Squares


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lilac hazelnut truffle squares

Li-Lac Chocolates goes elegant and upscale for your formal wedding or cocktail party, and I also love these as a surprise for your out-of-town wedding guests staying in the hotel. In addition to providing them with a fabulous welcome basket, have the hotel staff set out a plate of five or six Hazelnut Truffle Squares on a plate, with some fresh strawberries or raspberries, and a welcome note from you! This will have to be done right before their arrival, so the chocolates are freshest and the berries cold…so you might also arrange for a special room service delivery a few minutes after guests get into their rooms. That’s an elegant, VIP welcome!

I also love these for a gorgeous, elegant chocolate station or dessert buffet at a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower or other fab party. Pair them with Li-Lac Truffles, and you have a phenomenal collection that’s first-class all the way.

Here’s a little bit of info on our Hazelnut Truffle Squares:  A delicious three-layered confection consisting of milk chocolate, hazelnut paste, and creamy dark chocolate.  Each large “Square” contains four smaller squares which can be easily separated into bite-sized pieces. Originally developed by Li-Lac’s Founder in the 1920’s, this signature Li-Lac classic is a one-of-a-kind confection that must be tried to be appreciated.

Hazelnut Truffle Rounds:  For a smaller bite, try our Hazelnut Truffle Rounds: A creamy milk chocolate Hazelnut paste center dipped in chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder

Li-Lac Chocolates Spotlight: Exotic Temptations Platter


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Exotic Temptations

Feast on Li-Lac Chocolates’ Exotic Temptations Platter, which includes Chocolate Almond Bars, Pecan Bars, Walnut Bars, Raisin Bars, Orange Slices, Chocolate Covered Cherries and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

I’d add some additional flavors in individual portion bowls, including Glace Fruit, including the following flavors:

li lac apricots

Apricot (Milk)

Apricot (Dark)

lilac choc ginger

Ginger (Dark)

lilac lemon peel

Lemon Peel (Dark)

lilac orange peels

Orange Peel (Milk)

Orange Peel (Dark)

glace orange

Orange Slices (Milk)

Orange Slices (Dark)

lilac pineapple

Pineapple (Milk)

Pineapple (Dark)

The chocolate buffet you create gets that fabulous tropical flair, for a summertime wedding or party, or just a taste of the islands during this cold winter when you can’t get to your favorite island resort. A taste of that tangy pineapple mixed with the richness of pure Li-Lac chocolate will send you right on an escape.

Viti to create your own tropical sensations party platter and additional flavor bowls.

Li-Lac Chocolates Takes on the Top Wedding Color Trend: Mint


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Li Lac French Mints Platter

Li Lac French Mints Platter

This year’s hottest wedding color trend is Mint…and Li-Lac Chocolates has the perfect confection for your wedding’s color scheme, your bridal party dessert bar, even the popular new trend of inviting your best friends, sister and cousins to be your bridesmaids by giving them delectable boxes of handmade chocolate mints…and we can personalize the ribbon to ‘pop the question’ for you: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Mint has quickly become a wedding favorite on Pinterest, with countless wedding cakes designed with the soft shade of mint, and bridesmaid dresses in Mint being shown by all the top wedding gown designers. Mint in IN for weddings, and we’re known for our iconic French Mints. Even Martha Stewart has said she loves our mints, and recommends them as the perfect hostess gift!

The perfect engagement party, wedding dessert buffet, bridal shower or planning dinner party for parents or bridal party members can end with a box of our French Mints…

li lac chocolate mints

Or have us create the perfect platter for you…perhaps an all-mint platter seen at the start of this post, or a combo platter designed by our Master Chocolatier, just for you:

Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Mints put a sweet and tasty finishing touch on any wedding celebration, and they’re also a top wedding trend as a take-home favor or gift for your wedding vendors. If you’re newly-engaged, check out the hot wedding trend of Mint for your wedding decor…and your Li=Lac Chocolates mints can add the perfect color-coordinated touch to your desserts, favors and gifts as well.

Li-Lac Chocolates: See Our Chocolatiers At Work, Hand-Making Every Delectable Chocolate Treat


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li lac chocolatier

li lac chocolatier 2

Every delicious item at Li-Lac Chocolates is hand-made, locally in New York City, and guaranteed for freshness. All the signature recipes used today were created by Li-Lac’s founder, George Demetrious, in the 1920s.  His recipes, production methods, and chocolate-loving spirit have been passed down through four generations.

Demetrious, a native of Greece, learned the art of chocolate making in France. In 1923, he immigrated to New York and opened his shop at 120 Christopher Street in the heart of Greenwich Village where he applied his chocolate-making expertise. Using large marble-top tables and copper kettles, Demetrious perfected his recipes for  such confections as: Hazelnut Truffle Squares, Fudge, Creams, Caramels, Butter Crunch, and many other American favorites. He employed a staff of dippers and packers who contributed their own specialized care and attention to detail still found in every Li-Lac Chocolate made today.

Anwar Khoder, Li-Lac’s Master Chocolatier since 1989, together with long-time customers Anthony Cirone and Christopher Taylor, are now the fourth generation of Li-Lac Chocolates owners.  And, as their predecessors, they are committed to upholding the same fine recipes and old-world production standards established by the original founder, George Demetrious, in 1923.   For them: “Li-Lac Chocolates is not just a business, but an integral part of the Greenwich Village history and the community.  We are so very proud to continue to create the best-tasting chocolate in the world, and are proud to be able to uphold the customs and traditions of those who came before us.”

li lac chocolatier3

li lac chocolatier4

Our Li-Lac Chocolates Marzipans start off like this…

li lac chocolatier7

And turn out deliciously like this…

li lac chocolatier8

We’re “Stubbornly Old-Fashioned Since 1923,” meaning we adhere to the original methods and high standards of our founder, our chocolatiers are the best in the industry, and we make each and every piece of chocolate with loving care, for you.

Visit us at to see our collections, individual chocolates, chocolate platters, chocolate party favors and more…

Li-Lac Chocolates Helps You Propose! Our “Will You Marry Me?” Inspirations


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li lac heart box

It’s peak engagement season right now, with over 2 million marriage proposals occurring during the Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and Valentine’s Day holidays. Your friends and family are in town, everyone’s together and celebrating. The love of your life is looking gorgeous and not at all expecting that dazzling diamond ring (well, maybe not totally not expecting it!)

We were so fortunate to play host to a recent marriage proposal right in our very own Li-Lac Chocolates shop! The groom had arranged for the diamond dazzler of an engagement ring to be displayed among our chocolates in our store window, and when he and his bride-to-be walked past our window, he stopped, she spotted the ring, and he popped the question. We then welcomed the couple inside our closed-down-just-for-them shop to begin their engagement off in our magical chocolate wonderland!

Now, we have some ideas to help you pop the question with a Li-Lac Chocolates flair, and lots of flavor, starting off your new life together sweetly and deliciously.

You might choose to place the engagement ring inside our heart-shaped chocolate box shown above, and we do make chocolate jewelry boxes as well! A sprinkling of our non pareils could be the base for your ring, or it could sit atop a mound of luscious chocolate truffles, each hand-made with care by our expert team.

li lac champagne bucket

Or, you could tie the engagement ring to a fabulous ribbon — maybe one of our personalized ribbons just for the occasion — and attach it to the neck of our Li-Lac chocolates champagne bottle. The ‘ice’ shown in the bucket above will complement the ‘ice’ (aka diamonds) of the engagement ring.

li lac cake box

Or, create a mini scavenger hunt of sorts by telling your sweetie that the engagement ring is hidden beneath one of the chocolates in our assortment gift box. We suggest having a platter nearby, so that she doesn’t start tossing our delectable chocolates all over the room. You’re going to want to savor each of the chocolates in that box together to celebrate!

Li-Lac Chocolates Dolphin

Li-Lac Chocolates Dolphin

For a fun and playful proposal, especially if you’ve discussed having a destination wedding someday, attach the ring to the tail of our bestselling dolphin chocolate.

li lac choclolate butterflies

Or fill a pretty vase with our foil-covered Li-Lac Chocolates butterflies, and write a love note on a label to be affixed to the back of each. When your sweetie is done reading all the love notes, you get down on one knee and pop the question traditionally.


Or, make it ultra traditional by giving her our Girlfriend Box of chocolates, roses and that dreamy ring box as you propose marriage.

gift shop li lac mermaid

Back to fun and quirky: top a cake with our bestselling mermaid chocolate, and attach the ring to her.

Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers

Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers

Or spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?” or “Be With Me Forever” in our Li-Lac Chocolates letters, and give your love a Y-E-S collection of chocolates with which to spell out the answer. Take pictures of those letters lined up, and the YES chocolates, and that’s an unforgettable and sweet proposal!

lilac small

Visit our site to check out these and other chocolate choices, molds and collections, and share with us how you would — or did — propose marriage. We love being a part of your special moment, and we look forward to being a tasty part of your special DAY.

Li-Lac Chocolates Snowman at a Family Reunion Christmas Party


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The Christmas and Hanukkah holidays are a time for families to gather together, perhaps for the only time that year — to enjoy fabulous company, catching-up, great food and wine, and spectacular desserts. It’s a time when family traditions are honored and embraced, adding to the richness of the family bond…and bringing memories alive again.

Our Li-Lac Chocolates’ snowman was given a place of honor at the dessert buffet for one spectacularly close family’s recent Christmas Party. The desserts on the table were lovingly made by all the relatives, and set on platters and tiers for display, and for the second year in a row, a Li-Lac Chocolates oversized chocolate piece was chosen as their spotlight display. This year, it was our smiling snowman standing guard over those pecan snowballs and gingerbread thumbprint cookies, until it was his time to be enjoyed himself.

And two of our oversized chocolate gift boxes were hand-passed around the room for the family’s enjoyment…a budget-friendly dessert option giving all of the guests a delightful selection of our fine hand-made chocolates to close out the celebration.

So we invite you to make Li-Lac Chocolates a part of your family’s holiday celebrations as well, whether you choose our snowman to stand guard — and we’ll spare you the image of his fate…he was enjoyed by all! — or hand-pass our truffle and chocolate boxes, or set out our specialty Li-Lac Chocolates platters.

Visit us at to pick out the fine chocolate treat that can become your family’s new and delicious holiday tradition.

Li-Lac Chocolates: Top Tips for Wedding Guest Welcome Baskets


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li lac cake box

li lac pretzels


lilac cream patties

li lac choclolate butterflies

It’s a MUST DO to provide a treat-filled welcome basket for out-of-town guests who are staying at hotels. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from colored paper bag presentations of yesteryear!  Today, more and more couples are filling colorful, patterned, re-useable tote bags or other classy baskets and containers with fantastic offerings.  Here are some of the most popular items to place in Guest’s Welcome packages:

  1. Several Different Collections of Li-Lac Chocolates in pretty vellum bags or boxes are popular choices. Some ideas include Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Caramels, Fudge Squares, French Creme Rolls, Solid Hearts, and Chocolate-Covered Ginger or Orange Peels.
  2. Several Bottles of Spring Water, with personalized labels
  3. Several Bottles of Iced Tea, Coffee or Soda, with personalized labels
  4. A Collection of Spa and Pampering Items, such as, bottles of scented lotions for both men and women
  5. A Gift Card for the Hotel, that can be used for Room Service or in the gift shop
  6. A Copy of the Wedding weekend itinerary
  7. A Hand-Written Welcome Note from the two of you
  8. Tourism Information, such as, brochures to local attractions
  9. A Printed Map or Directions to the Ceremony and Reception sites
  10. A Bottle Opener

If children will be in attendance, include kid-friendly welcome bags for them:

lilac kiddie pops

  • Li-Lac Kiddie Pops, Chocolate Cars, Trains, Animals, Licorice, or Gum Drops
  • Bottles of water or 100% fruit juice
  • Activity books, such as, coloring books with crayons
  • Dollar-store toys and games that don’t make noise

Put extra care into personalizing your welcome bag and its contents by choosing Li-Lac Chocolates personalized ribbons that can be attached to packages or used to tie tote handles together.

A fresh, elegant option is to have your guests arrive at their hotel room to a surprise platter of decadent Li-Lac Chocolates that have been paired with a chilled bottle of wine or champagne and glasses. Then, when non-hotel guests visit their rooms, as they often do, they will have a tray of fabulous treats to share.

Sharon’s Top Tip:  Arrange to have welcome baskets placed in guests rooms rather than at the Check In Desk because it’s one less item to carry to the room! Visit to choose your wedding guest welcome basket treats, and see wedding expert Sharon Naylor’s top tips for making Li-Lac Chocolates a part of your wedding celebration