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Top Tips for After-Parties

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Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Because your wedding will be so enjoyable, no one will want the celebration to end. An After-Party is the perfect way to keep the festivities going.

After-Parties can either be planned in advance, with invitations sent to VIP guests, or spontaneous suggestions, as you lead your friends to your choice of club or lounge. Parents can invite friends back to their homes or to the hotel lounge for their own gathering.

For a planned After-Party, some couples book a separate party room and hire a DJ, decorating and serving a catered menu of late-night snack foods and desserts. Some even arrange to have the hotel shuttle bus take guests out on the town.

If you head out on the town, you might want to remain in your wedding gown, or at least keep on your tiara.  Guests can  either remain dressed-up or change into casual outfits. One perk to staying in your wedding attire is that some establishments may offer your group a free, celebratory round of drinks or a bottle of champagne – and, your single friends may even attract other singles because your group is the well-dressed center of attention!

Another Top Trend in After-Parties is delaying the start time, which gives the new couple some “alone time” in the hotel suite – perhaps the only “alone time” they have had all day.  They can use this extra ‘gift’ to eat some food and avoid party-crashers who might follow your invited guests to the After-Party.

Sharon’s Top Tip: The After-Party is the perfect place to change your Facebook status to “Married” as guests raise their glasses with cheers for your big moment.