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If you’re among the many in-love couples who became engaged during the holidays, New Years or Valentine’s Day, we’re happy to report that the trend of engagement parties is BACK. For a few years, families skipped this traditional celebration for budget reasons, but now they’ve decided it’s not worth it to miss out on such a joyous occasion. Getting family and friends together to toast the happy couple is a top wedding trend now, with at-home parties planned as lavish cocktail parties complete with a delectable chocolate buffet — which Li-Lac Chocolates does in grand style.

On our website, we offer wedding trend and tip articles from our wedding spokesperson, bestselling wedding author Sharon Naylor, including our new list of ideas for your perfect engagement party:

Top Trends and Tips for Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are making a comeback, with parents, most often, acting as hosts. If, however, you live far away from your parents, nearby friends can host an engagement soiree for you. This celebration often includes a small circle of VIP guests, including the bridal party, so as to keep the event more intimate and your budget more manageable. Here are the Top Trends and Tips for a memorable lovely Engagement Party:
1. For a Cocktail Party choose light, fresh, tasty appetizers but keep creativity in mind, departing from ‘usual’ cocktail-party fare. Instead, offer guests bites they don’t usually get to enjoy.
2. For a Dessert-and-Champagne Party, a new trend in engagement parties, offer guests a delectable buffet of sweets; for example tiers of truffles in an array of mouthwatering flavors, or mini pastries and swirls of chocolate mousses paired with fine champagne and wines which offer your party guests taste experiences they haven’t enjoyed at other celebrations.
3. Plan Pretty Décor in a Well-Chosen Color Scheme by selecting lovely linens and attractive serving platters, pedestals, and plates.
4. The Hosts Propose the First Toast to The Two of You; and then you can propose a toast to them, as well as to your guests.
5. Serve a Stellar Signature Cocktail in addition to the champagne and wine drinks list.
6. Display your Official Engagement Photo as the Centerpiece of your decor. A new trend is to play a range of favorite photos from your courtship and engagement on a digital photo frame.
7. Engagement Gifts are Displayed, but not opened in front of company.
8. Always Offer Phenomenal Take-Home Favors, such as personally-selected boxed or cello-wrapped sweets from Li-Lac Chocolates. Choose from our hearts, bells butterflies, Mellow Mints, Truffles or other designs from our vast collection of edible treats.

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And if you’ll invite your best friends and siblings to be in your bridal party at this celebration, be sure to do so with a box of Li-Lac Chocolates, or a fun chocolate high heeled shoe or collection of mini purse favors, or any chocolates that you know they love. Visit www.li-lacchocolates.com  to get more inspiration for your Engagement Parties dessert and favor treats, and contact us for personalization options.