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For the ultimate in Valentine’s Day romance, add an extra touch of sweetness to your Li-Lac Chocolates heart-shaped gift box:

Count up the number of chocolates in your gift box. Let’s say there are 18 chocolates. Now, write up a list of 18 things you love about your sweetheart, and print it out beautifully with a pretty font on pretty paper or card stock. When you give the chocolates to your love, also present the list of wonderful things about him or her that each chocolate represents.

Your gift becomes a priceless treasure of pure romance, and your sweetheart is going to read over that list a million times.

Now, if you really love a lot of things about your sweetheart, may we suggest THIS heart-shaped chocolate collection:

li lac val 2

Check out all of our Valentine’s Day boxed chocolates at www.li-lacchocolates.com, or stop in our NYC stores to custom-select other types of chocolates that you can also use for this romantic gesture.