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It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spoil your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll really deliver a message of love by giving the gift of Li-Lac Chocolates! Visit our site today to pick out the chocolate collection, gift box, chocolate solid, or fabulous platter that will be your grand gesture of love this year!

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Have other people on your Love You list? Parents, kids, best friends, your manicurist or hair stylist, dog walker, mail carrier…anyone who makes your day? They’ll love a sweet treat from you as well!

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And here is a look at the Li-Lac Chocolate original mold that we use to make our hollow chocolate heart boxes, which we fill first with our scrumptious hand-made non pareils, then fill with our celebrity-fave, media-praised and customer-adored chocolates, creams and truffles.

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For an extra touch of romance, our chocolate-covered strawberries create the opportunity for you to feed each other sweet, juicy bites of our super-fresh, always handmade, delicious chocolate covered fruits, in an iconic romantic gift.

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We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and we’re always here to help personalize your gifts, such as with customized ribbons and messages written in chocolate on our creations just for you. So whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 70th, remember that nothing says Love You More than a Li-Lac Chocolates gift.