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li lac heart box

It’s peak engagement season right now, with over 2 million marriage proposals occurring during the Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and Valentine’s Day holidays. Your friends and family are in town, everyone’s together and celebrating. The love of your life is looking gorgeous and not at all expecting that dazzling diamond ring (well, maybe not totally not expecting it!)

We were so fortunate to play host to a recent marriage proposal right in our very own Li-Lac Chocolates shop! The groom had arranged for the diamond dazzler of an engagement ring to be displayed among our chocolates in our store window, and when he and his bride-to-be walked past our window, he stopped, she spotted the ring, and he popped the question. We then welcomed the couple inside our closed-down-just-for-them shop to begin their engagement off in our magical chocolate wonderland!

Now, we have some ideas to help you pop the question with a Li-Lac Chocolates flair, and lots of flavor, starting off your new life together sweetly and deliciously.

You might choose to place the engagement ring inside our heart-shaped chocolate box shown above, and we do make chocolate jewelry boxes as well! A sprinkling of our non pareils could be the base for your ring, or it could sit atop a mound of luscious chocolate truffles, each hand-made with care by our expert team.

li lac champagne bucket

Or, you could tie the engagement ring to a fabulous ribbon — maybe one of our personalized ribbons just for the occasion — and attach it to the neck of our Li-Lac chocolates champagne bottle. The ‘ice’ shown in the bucket above will complement the ‘ice’ (aka diamonds) of the engagement ring.

li lac cake box

Or, create a mini scavenger hunt of sorts by telling your sweetie that the engagement ring is hidden beneath one of the chocolates in our assortment gift box. We suggest having a platter nearby, so that she doesn’t start tossing our delectable chocolates all over the room. You’re going to want to savor each of the chocolates in that box together to celebrate!

Li-Lac Chocolates Dolphin

Li-Lac Chocolates Dolphin

For a fun and playful proposal, especially if you’ve discussed having a destination wedding someday, attach the ring to the tail of our bestselling dolphin chocolate.

li lac choclolate butterflies

Or fill a pretty vase with our foil-covered Li-Lac Chocolates butterflies, and write a love note on a label to be affixed to the back of each. When your sweetie is done reading all the love notes, you get down on one knee and pop the question traditionally.


Or, make it ultra traditional by giving her our Girlfriend Box of chocolates, roses and that dreamy ring box as you propose marriage.

gift shop li lac mermaid

Back to fun and quirky: top a cake with our bestselling mermaid chocolate, and attach the ring to her.

Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers

Li-Lac Chocolates Letters and Numbers

Or spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?” or “Be With Me Forever” in our Li-Lac Chocolates letters, and give your love a Y-E-S collection of chocolates with which to spell out the answer. Take pictures of those letters lined up, and the YES chocolates, and that’s an unforgettable and sweet proposal!

lilac small

Visit our site www.li-lacchocolates.com to check out these and other chocolate choices, molds and collections, and share with us how you would — or did — propose marriage. We love being a part of your special moment, and we look forward to being a tasty part of your special DAY.