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It’s a MUST DO to provide a treat-filled welcome basket for out-of-town guests who are staying at hotels. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way from colored paper bag presentations of yesteryear!  Today, more and more couples are filling colorful, patterned, re-useable tote bags or other classy baskets and containers with fantastic offerings.  Here are some of the most popular items to place in Guest’s Welcome packages:

  1. Several Different Collections of Li-Lac Chocolates in pretty vellum bags or boxes are popular choices. Some ideas include Chocolate-Covered Pretzels, Caramels, Fudge Squares, French Creme Rolls, Solid Hearts, and Chocolate-Covered Ginger or Orange Peels.
  2. Several Bottles of Spring Water, with personalized labels
  3. Several Bottles of Iced Tea, Coffee or Soda, with personalized labels
  4. A Collection of Spa and Pampering Items, such as, bottles of scented lotions for both men and women
  5. A Gift Card for the Hotel, that can be used for Room Service or in the gift shop
  6. A Copy of the Wedding weekend itinerary
  7. A Hand-Written Welcome Note from the two of you
  8. Tourism Information, such as, brochures to local attractions
  9. A Printed Map or Directions to the Ceremony and Reception sites
  10. A Bottle Opener

If children will be in attendance, include kid-friendly welcome bags for them:

lilac kiddie pops

  • Li-Lac Kiddie Pops, Chocolate Cars, Trains, Animals, Licorice, or Gum Drops
  • Bottles of water or 100% fruit juice
  • Activity books, such as, coloring books with crayons
  • Dollar-store toys and games that don’t make noise

Put extra care into personalizing your welcome bag and its contents by choosing Li-Lac Chocolates personalized ribbons that can be attached to packages or used to tie tote handles together.

A fresh, elegant option is to have your guests arrive at their hotel room to a surprise platter of decadent Li-Lac Chocolates that have been paired with a chilled bottle of wine or champagne and glasses. Then, when non-hotel guests visit their rooms, as they often do, they will have a tray of fabulous treats to share.

Sharon’s Top Tip:  Arrange to have welcome baskets placed in guests rooms rather than at the Check In Desk because it’s one less item to carry to the room! Visit www.li-lacchocolates.com to choose your wedding guest welcome basket treats, and see wedding expert Sharon Naylor’s top tips for making Li-Lac Chocolates a part of your wedding celebration