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Our award-winning truffles are made with fresh butter and cream, providing a rich, smooth taste inside of a crisp ganache coating, making this one of our most popular and indulgent dessert choices. Our truffle variety includes:

  • French cream with a creamy dark chocolate center and a chocolate shell.
  • Hazelnut with a milk chocolate paste center dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.
  • Mocha with a coffee-flavored creamy dark chocolate center.
  • Caramel Cream with a caramel-flavored dark chocolate center.
  • Liquor-flavored with amaretto, champagne, crème de cacao, grand Marnier and rum.

Here are ten ways to present our Li-Lac truffles in your dessert offerings or as gifts:

  1. Top homemade cupcakes with our truffles for a more elegant and indulgent DIY dessert.
  2. Line the bottom of each cake layer with a ring of our truffles, using all one type of flavor, or alternating two or three for visual and taste appeal. We’ve seen a gorgeous Martha Stewart-presented wedding cake with layers separated by tiers of truffles.
  3. Present a trio of truffles in a cupcake wrapper.
  4. Present a trio of truffles in a chocolate dessert cup, on top of a bed of chocolate mousse or ice cream.
  5. Wrap each truffle in candy foils to coordinate with the colors of your party.
  6. Skewer two truffles at the very top of a spear and place into a chocolate martini.
  7. Celebrate your anniversary with truffles made of the same flavor as your wedding cake, or choose our champagne-flavored truffles for a chocolate ‘toast’ to your happiness.
  8. Cut each truffle in half and serve as a dessert place garnish collection.
  9. Push a lollipop stick into each truffle to make your own adult truffle ‘pops.’
  10. Give your truffles a personalized name, just like you would with a signature cocktail, at your party or wedding reception.