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Non-pareils are little dots of chocolates, hand-made here at Li-Lac Chocolates, and hand-pressed into colorful sprinkles. Ours are bigger than the boxed versions of non-pareils you may be used to, and each one is freshly-made from the finest ingredients…not machine-made like boxed versions.

Our small dollops of chocolate non-pareils come in milk or dark chocolate, with a festive look for a colorful party dessert plate addition. Here are some creative ways to offer non-pareils to your guests:

  1. Sprinkle a handful of non-pareils into a martini glass as a sweet and colorful foundation for the truffles or chocolates you place on top.
  2. Create a non-pareil trifle, alternating non-pareils with layers of vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch or other flavors of pudding or mousse, and top with whipped cream sprinkled with more non-pareils.
  3. Sprinkle non-pareils on a large dessert platter, on which you place your dessert cupcakes, fudge squares, or a collection of our Li-Lac chocolates in your own creative platter presentation.
  4. Fill a chocolate dessert cup with chocolate mousse, ice cream or whipped cream, and top with a sprinkling of our non-pareils.
  5. Welcome wedding guests to their hotel room with a bowl filled with non-pareils, or with individual baggies of non-pareils.
  6. Add non-pareils to your toppers section at your ice cream sundae bar.
  7. Make them into a bridal shower game! Fill a glass bowl or lidded apothecary jar with non-pareils, and have shower guests guess how many non-pareils are in the container. The winner gets to take them home!
  8. For a girls’ or woman’s party, fill one of our Li-Lac chocolate high heeled shoes with non-pareils as a dessert feature on each table, on your dessert bar, or on top of your party sheet cake.
  9. Top your homemade or store-bought cake or cheesecake with a sprinkling of non-pareils.
  10. Talk to our team about personalizing the colors of your non-pareil sprinkles to match the theme of your party, or your seasonal or holiday event.