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Li-Lac Chocolate Covered Cherries

Li-Lac Chocolates chocolate-covered-cherries are delectable in their own right, and we’ve come up with some fabulous ways to incorporate them into your party platters and wedding celebration stations:

  1. Top each of your homemade cupcakes with a Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherry, especially if your cupcakes have a cherry-flavored cake or frosting.
  2. Top a store-bought cake or cheesecake with a cluster of chocolate-covered cherries in the center, or place chocolate-covered cherries two inches apart around the outer edge of your circular cake or cheesecake so that each cut slice offers a treat.
  3. If you’ll arrange an ice cream sundae or gelato bar at your reception or party, offer a platter of Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherries in the toppers section for a unique, upscale addition to a guest’s creation.
  4. Top servings of chocolate mousse with a single Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherry.
  5. Garnish each plate of sliced cake with a puff of fresh whipped cream and a chocolate-covered cherry on the side.
  6. Garnish each plate of cherry pie slices with a chocolate-covered cherry.
  7. Add a dozen chocolate-covered cherries to your party’s dessert cookie platters for a pop of chocolate color and a unique flair.
  8. For a wedding welcome to out-of-town guests, have a plate of six chocolate-covered cherries awaiting them in their hotel rooms.
  9. No party needed. Pick up a half dozen chocolate-covered cherries, and create a romantic, surprise snack for when your sweetheart returns home at the end of the day.
  10. For Valentine’s Day or for your anniversary, arrange Li-Lac chocolate-covered cherries into a heart shape on an oversized plate, and pipe a romantic message in chocolate or berry sauce in the middle.