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New York City’s an iconic fashion mecca, so of course city-fave chocolatier Li-Lac Chocolates would offer a line of fashionista chocolates! Their chocolate handbags are stylish and sensational not to mention fashion-forward…and their chocolate high heels are available in plain or decorated with intricate swirls of chocolate in an animal-print design.

No other chocolate shop does fashionista chocolates like Li-Lac, so look at these beauties for your bridal shower favors, wedding guest welcome bags, bachelorette party favors or dessert bar treats, and a new trend is presenting your best  friends and sisters with a little something sweet (say, some Li-Lac chocolate handbags!) when you’re asking them to be your bridesmaids.

Gifts for your wedding vendors after the big day? Li-Lac has a shape for that!

Check out the fashion collection at Li-Lac Chocolates, and get ready to add a fashionable flair to your bridal shower, gifts, or guest welcome bags!