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Chocolate equals happiness. Whether rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, or sweet white chocolate — enjoyed in its pure form or encasing a luscious cherry, an exotic fruit, a childhood favorite Oreo or pretzel — Li-Lac Chocolates is your own personal chocolate nirvana. We make every chocolate by hand, and our Master Chocolatier Anwar leads our dedicated team in making delicious and award-winning chocolates in hundreds of flavors and combinations…staying true to the original methods and recipes of Li-Lac’s founding chocolate visionary, George Demetrious, in 1923, and passed down through four generations.

Nothing beats authentic, top-quality ingredients, and the taste sensations created by our loyalty to our founder’s proven production methods including our copper kettles used to make our fresh caramels, or our marble slab tables on which we hand-roll and cut many of our chocolate creations. Every step of our creations stay true to the high standards of Old World quality, and we still use the vintage metal chocolate molds from the 1920s. We believe in keeping the tradition alive, and our generations of loyal fans and families have made Li-Lac a part of their traditions.

We have some famous fans as well:

“Li-Lac French Mints are a guaranteed hostess gift hit.” — Martha Stewart

“It’s my favorite chocolate place in the city.” — Andy Cohen of Bravo, in the New York Post

“Li-Lac dark chocolate Almond Bark is incredible.” — Designer Isaac Mizrahi, in In Style magazine

“An anomaly in New York’s artisinal chocolate culture.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Chocolates so good, they can be consumed with the same delirium that accompanies the best caviar, truffles and champagne.” — The New York Times

We’ve also been rated by Zagat, NYC Food Lover’s Guide as “Extraordinary”, 2012/2013

Our Marzipan & Hazlenut Truffle Platter

There’s so much more to come in our blog, including our spotlight chocolate products, announcements of our specials and new seasonal products, and special features on how Li-Lac Chocolates can enhance and elevate your wedding, bridal shower, bar or bat mitzvah, corporate event or any other special celebration.

You’ll meet our owners Anthony and Chris, our Master Chocolatier Anwar, and our illustrious staff, view videos from our chocolate factory in Brooklyn, and more.

Visit our website www.li-lacchocolates.com for a full look at all of our chocolate creations, flavors, platters, gifts, custom wrappers and more…