Li-Lac Chocolates Top Tips for Wedding After-Parties


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Top Tips for After-Parties

Exotic Temptationslilac truffle platter

Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Li-Lac Chocolate Spectacular

Because your wedding will be so enjoyable, no one will want the celebration to end. An After-Party is the perfect way to keep the festivities going.

After-Parties can either be planned in advance, with invitations sent to VIP guests, or spontaneous suggestions, as you lead your friends to your choice of club or lounge. Parents can invite friends back to their homes or to the hotel lounge for their own gathering.

For a planned After-Party, some couples book a separate party room and hire a DJ, decorating and serving a catered menu of late-night snack foods and desserts. Some even arrange to have the hotel shuttle bus take guests out on the town.

If you head out on the town, you might want to remain in your wedding gown, or at least keep on your tiara.  Guests can  either remain dressed-up or change into casual outfits. One perk to staying in your wedding attire is that some establishments may offer your group a free, celebratory round of drinks or a bottle of champagne – and, your single friends may even attract other singles because your group is the well-dressed center of attention!

Another Top Trend in After-Parties is delaying the start time, which gives the new couple some “alone time” in the hotel suite – perhaps the only “alone time” they have had all day.  They can use this extra ‘gift’ to eat some food and avoid party-crashers who might follow your invited guests to the After-Party.

Sharon’s Top Tip: The After-Party is the perfect place to change your Facebook status to “Married” as guests raise their glasses with cheers for your big moment.


Li-Lac Chocolates Make Easter Celebrations Even Brighter!


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li lac easter bunny box li lac easter carrot li lac easter chick box li lac easter filled chocolate eggs li lac foiled eggs lilac basket lilac bunnies lilac easter bunnies 2

Bright, vibrant pops of color make these Li-Lac Chocolates treats stand out, setting them apart from all of those boring brown solid bunnies on supermarket shelves. If you’re going to give out Easter chocolates to all the kids (AND all the adults — you’re never too old for an Easter basket!) check out our chocolatiers’ masterful hand-created chocolate effects, our stylish patterned ribbons in bright, spring colors and patterns, and our fabulous foil-wrapped Easter eggs and treats.

Our Li-Lac Chocolates egg filled with delectable chocolate creams gives your loved one a surprise, and our chocolate baskets are incredibly intricate. But as you know, it’s all about how the chocolate tastes, and Li-Lac Chocolates’ recipes bring in only the finest ingredients for an unbelievably fresh flavor that has earned us so many friends and fans — including celebrities, multiple generations of families and new friends who try our ‘stubbornly old-fashioned’ chocolates and keep coming back for more of our ultra-fresh and ultra-delicious chocolates.

We use authentic chocolate molds from the 1920s and 1930s for detailed artisan work on our chocolates, and we give them a modern kick with ‘accessories’ to add extra colorful flair to your Easter shopping list. We welcome you to our stores, and to our webite, and we can even customize messaging on your ribbons if you’d like!

Spring is quickly on its way, bringing beautiful color back…and Li-Lac Chocolates Easter and spring chocolates are ready to brighten (and make!) your day.

Li-Lac Chocolates Video: Choosing the Perfect Chocolates for Your Wedding or Party Display


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Visit for your chocolate buffet, chocolate station and chocolate display selections, and design a fabulous chocolate presentation at your next celebration.

Li-Lac Chocolates Give Your Wedding or Party New York City Flair


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li lac statue

The biggest trend in weddings is adding a sense of PLACE to your big day details. We’re seeing New York City skylines and iconic buildings showcased in elaborate, designer wedding invitations and save the date cards, and couples are bringing their favorite New York City iconic wedding images into their big days.

Recently, celebrity wedding and event planner Preston Bailey and his partner Theo married atop the Empire State Building, and the theme and details were very much NYC-centric, skyrocketing the trend of incorporating your beloved city or location into your wedding details. (We did not provide the chocolates for Preston’s wedding celebration; we simply mention this spotlight wedding as an example of how big the NYC/location theme has become for wedding parties and tastes!)

So follow Preston’s lead, and let US make it easy for you to include NYC-iconic chocolates in your dessert hour favor bar or as wedding favors, with our collection of New York City Li-Lac Chocolates! Choose from our popular State of Liberty delectable Li-Lac Chocolates or three diffferent sizes of our Empire State building Chocolates…

li lac empire large

lilac empire small

Check out our NYC wedding chocolates, and talk with us about how we can customize your own, personalized wedding chocolates for your dessert buffet, for wedding guest welcome bags, as wedding favors and bridal shower favors, all from the best New York City chocolate suppliers, with our chocolates made right here in the city!

Li-Lac Chocolates Makes Engagement Parties Extra-Special


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If you’re among the many in-love couples who became engaged during the holidays, New Years or Valentine’s Day, we’re happy to report that the trend of engagement parties is BACK. For a few years, families skipped this traditional celebration for budget reasons, but now they’ve decided it’s not worth it to miss out on such a joyous occasion. Getting family and friends together to toast the happy couple is a top wedding trend now, with at-home parties planned as lavish cocktail parties complete with a delectable chocolate buffet — which Li-Lac Chocolates does in grand style.

On our website, we offer wedding trend and tip articles from our wedding spokesperson, bestselling wedding author Sharon Naylor, including our new list of ideas for your perfect engagement party:

Top Trends and Tips for Engagement Parties

Engagement parties are making a comeback, with parents, most often, acting as hosts. If, however, you live far away from your parents, nearby friends can host an engagement soiree for you. This celebration often includes a small circle of VIP guests, including the bridal party, so as to keep the event more intimate and your budget more manageable. Here are the Top Trends and Tips for a memorable lovely Engagement Party:
1. For a Cocktail Party choose light, fresh, tasty appetizers but keep creativity in mind, departing from ‘usual’ cocktail-party fare. Instead, offer guests bites they don’t usually get to enjoy.
2. For a Dessert-and-Champagne Party, a new trend in engagement parties, offer guests a delectable buffet of sweets; for example tiers of truffles in an array of mouthwatering flavors, or mini pastries and swirls of chocolate mousses paired with fine champagne and wines which offer your party guests taste experiences they haven’t enjoyed at other celebrations.
3. Plan Pretty Décor in a Well-Chosen Color Scheme by selecting lovely linens and attractive serving platters, pedestals, and plates.
4. The Hosts Propose the First Toast to The Two of You; and then you can propose a toast to them, as well as to your guests.
5. Serve a Stellar Signature Cocktail in addition to the champagne and wine drinks list.
6. Display your Official Engagement Photo as the Centerpiece of your decor. A new trend is to play a range of favorite photos from your courtship and engagement on a digital photo frame.
7. Engagement Gifts are Displayed, but not opened in front of company.
8. Always Offer Phenomenal Take-Home Favors, such as personally-selected boxed or cello-wrapped sweets from Li-Lac Chocolates. Choose from our hearts, bells butterflies, Mellow Mints, Truffles or other designs from our vast collection of edible treats.

li lac choclolate butterflies

li lac val3

And if you’ll invite your best friends and siblings to be in your bridal party at this celebration, be sure to do so with a box of Li-Lac Chocolates, or a fun chocolate high heeled shoe or collection of mini purse favors, or any chocolates that you know they love. Visit  to get more inspiration for your Engagement Parties dessert and favor treats, and contact us for personalization options.

Another Romantic Valentine’s Day Idea from Li-Lac Chocolates


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li lac val3

For the ultimate in Valentine’s Day romance, add an extra touch of sweetness to your Li-Lac Chocolates heart-shaped gift box:

Count up the number of chocolates in your gift box. Let’s say there are 18 chocolates. Now, write up a list of 18 things you love about your sweetheart, and print it out beautifully with a pretty font on pretty paper or card stock. When you give the chocolates to your love, also present the list of wonderful things about him or her that each chocolate represents.

Your gift becomes a priceless treasure of pure romance, and your sweetheart is going to read over that list a million times.

Now, if you really love a lot of things about your sweetheart, may we suggest THIS heart-shaped chocolate collection:

li lac val 2

Check out all of our Valentine’s Day boxed chocolates at, or stop in our NYC stores to custom-select other types of chocolates that you can also use for this romantic gesture.

Li-Lac Chocolates Spotlight: Valentine’s Day Gifts


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li lac val 2

It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to spoil your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll really deliver a message of love by giving the gift of Li-Lac Chocolates! Visit our site today to pick out the chocolate collection, gift box, chocolate solid, or fabulous platter that will be your grand gesture of love this year!

li lac val 6

li lac val 10

li lac val3

Have other people on your Love You list? Parents, kids, best friends, your manicurist or hair stylist, dog walker, mail carrier…anyone who makes your day? They’ll love a sweet treat from you as well!

li lac val4

li lac val5

li lac val7

li lac val8

li lac val9

li lac val11

And here is a look at the Li-Lac Chocolate original mold that we use to make our hollow chocolate heart boxes, which we fill first with our scrumptious hand-made non pareils, then fill with our celebrity-fave, media-praised and customer-adored chocolates, creams and truffles.

li lac val12

For an extra touch of romance, our chocolate-covered strawberries create the opportunity for you to feed each other sweet, juicy bites of our super-fresh, always handmade, delicious chocolate covered fruits, in an iconic romantic gift.

li lac valentines

We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, and we’re always here to help personalize your gifts, such as with customized ribbons and messages written in chocolate on our creations just for you. So whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 70th, remember that nothing says Love You More than a Li-Lac Chocolates gift.

Groom’s Cake Alternative: The Li-Lac Chocolates Chess Set


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li-lac chess set

How’s this for a fabulous alternative to the Groom’s Cake for your wedding? Li-Lac Chocolates’ Chess Set will thrill your guests, when they see how you’ve tailored this dessert to the groom’s interest, and when they get a taste of the chess pieces.

They come in white and milk chocolate, or white and dark chocolate, and you can get the whole set or just the pieces (although the entire set really creates the perfect effect!)

This is also a top dessert choice for an engagement party, or a centerpiece for your chocolate buffet, or a welcome sweet treat at the after-party.

Everyone gets to pick their favorite pieces, or play a few moves with them first.

Visit to pair this chess set with other theme-appropriate chocolates to really make a big impression on your wedding guests!

Li-Lac Chocolates is Pure Romance: A New Idea for your Valentine


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At Li-Lac Chocolates, we know romance. Who knows how many sweethearts have given each other Li-Lac Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? And who knows how many marriage proposals on that romantic holiday have had a touch of our delicious chocolate involved? Over the past 90 years, we count a lot of in-love couples among our fabulous customers, and we’ve filled a ton of orders for February 14th. So that’s a lot of Li-Lacs in Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a new idea to make your beloved feel special and adored by you — not just on Valentine’s Day, but on each day leading up to it. Pick the length of time you’d like to celebrate — such as the week before Valentine’s Day, the number of months you’ve been together (like ’14 days for our 14 months as a couple’) — and surprise your sweetheart with one Li-Lac chocolate a day, on each of those days.

After dinner, you’ll present your custom-selected chocolate on a beautiful plate, or on a fun and funky holiday-themed party paper plate!, and tell your partner one thing you love about him or her. If you’d like, tailor your sentiment to the chocolate you choose. For instance, if you give a chocolate-covered pineapple slice, thank your partner for bringing so many adventures into your life via your fabulous vacations together. If you give a rich dark chocolate truffle, tell your partner that you feel like the richest person in the world because he/she brings so much into your life. You get the picture.

Stop in at the Li-Lac Chocolates store of your choice to pick out your top- secret stash of chocolates to be given each day, and mix up your choices. You’ll start a brand new Valentine’s Day tradition, one that your love is going to post on Facebook and Tweet about, making this lead-up to Valentine’s Day extra sweet every day.